TrueTrac Pro-Series 8' Combo Kit

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8-foot track saw kit in stock and ready to ship!
Need to easily handle 4ft x 8ft sheets of plywood? This saw combo kit includes everything you need to convert your circular saw into a track saw and rip 8ft lengths!
Features 105 inches of the TrueTrac guide rail system with a full 96 inch cutting capacity to easily break down 4' x 8' sheet goods or perform straight line ripping or tapers on dimensional lumber up to 8' long.
8' Track Saw Combo Kit Includes:
  • One (1) 57 inch track
  • One (1) 48 inch track
  • Two (2) 57 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • Two (2) 48 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • One (1) Universal Saw Adapter Plate
  • One (1) Hardware packet (6 bolts, 6 nuts, L-shaped hex wrench)
  • One (1) Setup Jig
  • Two (2) dovetail connectors, with setscrews installed
  • One (1) Zero Clearance Block
  • Hard copy of installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect cuts every time

It took me about an hour to set it up. I drilled the plate mounting holes from the bottom ,plate, side, seemed easier to me. I countersunk the mounting screws in the plate. I checked the plate to blade with the included jig and a small flashlight after every drill and screw. I broke down a full sheet of plywood and checked every cut with a Starrett tape measure and a framing square and everyone was perfect. I don't do much sheet goods, mostly hardwood, but this thing is excellent at sheet goods. I just lay the sheet on an old piece of 3/8 inch, support the overhang, make one small mark on each side of the sheet, set the track on the sheet on the marks, set the saw on the track and saw. I keep my left hand on the left side of the track just to know if the track shifts, it never does. I set the blade 1/16 lower than the thickness of the sheet. i think what amazes me is you just lay the sheet down and cut it, no fence no miter gauge, just a tape measure and pencil. 8 pieces all told.

Roy Harvey

two issues: one is if I measure away from me (like for a rip cut), make lines, lay the track on the line, the actual cut is 1/16 LESS than measured. I followed the calibration steps carefully. Any ideas? Secondly, I have to raise the saw slightly each time as I engage the track.

Hi Roy,

The piece that you measure and care about needs to be the piece that is under the physical track, otherwise you’re not accounting for the thickness of your blade. Most thin kerf blades are around 1/16” or slightly thicker.

Usually you have to raise the saw guard to engage the adapter plate onto the track itself unless you’re feeding directly in from the end.

If you are feeding in from the end of the track most likely it’s the zero clearance block bumping into the work piece. Another possibility would be that the rear of the saw is dropping down slightly before it’s fully engaged on the track, causing the little flat spot on the track itself, above the T-slot that the white anti-chip rides in, to snag on the back edge of the large rectangular opening the blade and guard drop down through on the adapter plate itself.

If the hang-up during in-feed happens towards the front of the plate, it’s the ZCB. If it’s towards the rear, it’s the back edge of the opening catching the track. For the rear catching, simply pull the track further towards the start of the cut so the plate can fully engage on the track.

Try those things out and get back to me, either as a reply here or direct to and we can go from there.

Gerard and Rae Miller
Trutrac and dado jig

The little bit that I have used the trutrac it is awesome, haven't used the dado set up yet but it seems just as high quality. The expandable table is also very convenient.

Jeff Watson
Straight cuts every time

My first project after purchasing the Pro-Series 8’ was ripping three sheets of plywood. Lots of full length cuts and crosscuts. All were spot on - something I could not accomplish with just a straight edge. When I was researching the saw online I saw a number of comments regarding the price. I figure the money I save on mis-cuts will cover the cost over time. Also glad to support small businesses in the US.

Major Tom
what took me so long?!

I've struggled with breaking down sheet goods in my home shop for more than a decade. I have a nice table saw but heavy 3/4" Baltic birch isn't a one person job, especially without room for a nice infeed/outfeed table. Festool was way too pricey of an option and the big box store solutions were poorly designed/made and weren't very accurate. Enter TrueTrack. Best small investment I've made to date for my home shop. Top quality & service. Great value and design. Easily cuts down sheet goods and keeps edges straight with a one person operation!!

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Cantilever clamps

Have used the cantilever clamps for two small projects. Making “bookends” as a gift and using the clamps made it possible to cut a 90degree angle at the end of a triangular shape without having to dismantle the project entirely.

Great addition

Needed a few inches more and this was the decision! Awesome product

Great system awesome customer service

I have had my slab mill for 6 months now and have put it to good use. I can honestly say it has exceeded all my expectations. If you are looking to mill out slabs in a timely fashion this is it. I Would recommend this system to anyone with a large twisted chunk of wood. That needs to be flattened. Also have to add that they have hands down the best customer service I have ever received. Very helpful and easy to reach. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next I will be first in line for it. Thanks for all your hard work creating this awesome slab mill I sure have in joyed using it.

An answer to my need to work on site.

Received my order promptly. A good, portable solution I have used almost daily. In shop and on site, it provides the versatility I was looking for. Their service is outstanding.

Only one issue

Only issue I have had is with the rubber handles on the router plate. They have both came off. Going to modify them with a through bolt to be more robust when lifting off sled