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RGS - 48” x 96” Threaded Cross Feed Slab Mill

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Working Area Specification: 48" W x 96" L x 2-1/2" Thick (w/o shimming rails)

Total Travel, Spindle Center Line: 49-1/2" W, 105" L

Router Not Included

Commonly referred to as a router sled or slab flattening jig, the TrueTrac Router Gantry System (RGS) is an easy and accurate way to simultaneously surface and flatten live edge slabs, epoxy tables or counter tops, bar surfaces, table glue-ups, and much more!

With an industry-unique Threaded Cross Feed this system allows you complete and utter control over your handheld router, allowing you to bring the router to the work rather than the work to the router. Simply use the provided thumb screws to securely fasten the RGS Adapter Plate to the custom nuts on the threaded rod installed in the gantry rail. By turning the provided hand-crank, you may now accurately, safely, and easily index your router across the 'transverse' or 'bridge' of the gantry system.

This allows for consistent edge jointing capabilities with straight or fluted router bits, being able to produce equally spaced fluted columns or door frames using a ball-nose bit, rabbit cuts on large projects, and accurate dado grooves using standard sized bits.

Our 100% custom American-made and purpose designed heavy-duty extrusions are expandable to virtually any width or length desired and will easily support your 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 HP router without bending, bowing, warping, or twisting during normal use.

All sliding components are 100% CNC machined from Acetal Copolymer, also referred to as Delrin, which is an engineered plastic specifically designed for sliding friction applications and holds machining tolerances wonderfully.

Simply stated, our system is professionally designed and purposefully built to give you years of trouble-free use and is fully backed by our lifetime money-back guarantee.

The RGS is available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit your project needs and is always able to be expanded later.

RGS Adapter Plate comes pre-drilled for a variety of routers. Please see the list in the product photos. Blank plates with a 1/4" diameter hole pre-drilled in the center are available upon request via phone or email.

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Shadle
No complaints at all

Great system!

Daniel Newland
Easy and Accurate

Easy to put together and good documentation. Works as advertised and TrueTrac supports it. I called and got an actual, honest to goodness human on the other end of the phone.

Clay Milks
Good product

I've used the slab flattening system for a couple of months. It has performed exceptionally. I've used it on White Oak, Black Walnut and Pecan slabs for making table tops. It is constructed very well and is easy to assemble. The instructions that came with the system and are available online are very well done. It all arrived well packaged and secure.

I have the dial/screw version and it is very easy to make accurate adjustments once you figure out the distance traveled per turn. It is a very useful feature.
I've used it with a Bosch 1617EVS, Woodline and Whiteside router bits. Both bits worked well, but one of my Woodline bits was out of spec and had to be returned.

Definitely invest in Slipit sliding wax compound. It makes the working process much easier. Blaster Non-silicone dry lube also works well.

A couple of things to keep in mind: the router sled is only secured on one side and simply sits on the other side of the sled rail. Keeping down pressure on the non-secured side helps keep it cutting evenly and smoothly. Also, make sure you have a way to blow out shavings from the screw rail. Once it begins to collect shavings, it inhibits movement at the extremes especially.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with it and I would purchase it again.

Daimen Bang

Fantastic quality! Easy to assemble and I was very impressed with the quality of the machining on the parts. Supper snugg fit with no slop. Some of the bolts were pretty tight going in but I'm also not worried about them working their way out.

Myron Kovash

I purchased the 48x96 TruTrac product. It worked very well and I’m very pleased with it. I would highly recommend it to anybody who wanted to buy one.

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345 reviews
No complaints at all

Great system!

New Plate

Hi Jacob, you recently sent me a replacement white plate for my saw. The old one didn't seat tightly on the slides. I dry tried the new plate and it looked like it fit well. Haven't attached it to the saw yet but have 10 sheets of BB that I am looking forward to cutting down for wife pantry and wardrobe projects. Thanks for sending replacement and reaching out to see how it was working.

I liked mine well enough to purchase a second one , it’s better performance is due to better quality.

Great product

Over all amazing! I did have to switch some things around due to being on the wrong side. And also had to cut and glue in the brushes in. Also with the whole system would be nice if you offered a shim/leveling system or something to raise the wood to the cutter ! Over all love it and work’s amazing.

Large Slab Flattening

Great system! Easy setup and very precise trammel adjustment and smooth long rail travel.