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True Trac pro series

I bought this kit to be a little more portable on job sites, we do a lot of custom closets and pantries and rip and awful lot of plywood. One of my guys is a 40 year veteran carpenter and calls himself the human tablesaw, he said he wasn't using it. Now anytime we rip plywood it's the first thing he gets out. Setup was pretty simple on the skill saw, After that you could rip stacks of plywood in hours with laser straight efficiency. My guys are literally just walking down the side of the plywood with one hand on the saw and making perfect rips every time. I paid extra for the bag because I like to keep my tools clean and protected and away from dents and dings and scratches from being on the trucks, it has worked out perfectly I wish I had purchased this years ago. I will be buying more. Anyone that doesn't give this thing a 5 star rating clearly didn't know what they were doing to begin with and probably shouldn't own one anyhow.

Slab mill

Very pleased with the system! Great customer service, quick delivery and no damage in shipping. Ive been eyeballing this product for a couple of years and feel I really got my money’s worth.

Optional dust collector

Although the True Track is far superior than the competitor for having two rail guides than one but the dust collector sorry to say is useless. I even modified the collection nozzle by removing the bottom edge of the nozzle, to expose more suction at the blade but still the best it could do was around 20%

Hi Kazem,

I've found the unit becomes virtually worthless by removing the portion of the nozzle that is beyond the blade.

The best you can get is around 70% pick up focusing on the finer dust by forcing the air directly through the gullets of the blade to move the fine dust. By opening up a larger area to draw from you're switching from using velocity to collect the dust into trying to use volume or mass air flow to collect it, which this nozzle doesn't handle period.

It'll never get the larger shavings and chips, as shown and discussed in the videos. However, closing up the overall saw guard exit points does notably improve the pick-up percentage as it contains the shavings closer to the nozzle.

I'll go ahead and send another nozzle over.

Thank you!

Worked as advertised!!

So far I've made 3 Pecan countertops. They were too wide for my planer. Once I found the correct bit (2 3/8" CMT with carbide inserts) it worked perfectly. Minimal sanding. I sanded them with 40, 80, 120 and 220 and they were slick as glass and ready to spray.

Great system with honest support!

TrueTrac exceeded my expectations. My system sat in the package for 6 months before I even assembled it. When putting everything together I noticed the one twisted rail that ended up being a faulty batch. The machining of one baseplate wasn't square to the face. They replaced those items at no charge and expedited shipping. She's running perfectly. I'll recommend TrueTrac to everybody in my line of work.

Great equipment and value.

The True Trac products are top notch. We received ours within the timeframe relayed. It was complete and the quality of the product was apparent right away. Sturdy, well built and easy to set up. The ability to index the router on the slab enhances the final product.
Add to that the great customer service and advice from the folks at True Trac and it becomes an easy decision... Recommend Highly

Works beautifully

Bear in mind, I only have the basic frame built and it’s HUGE. Despite that, I’m planning to set up one half for smaller slabs and the other half for thicker pieces since I have a few larger ones to work on. That being said, I have it together and aligned enough to do a test run and it worked beautifully. It slides smoothly even without grease and just make’s beautiful cuts. Not disappointed at all. Thanks Jacob!

TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit works like a charm

The table works as expected. After going down and grabbing some fir wood planks for the vertical pieces, it went together fairly easily. My only complaint is that the screw holes come pre-drilled in the aluminum parts. Not a big deal to drill them myself, but it does require a bit more effort to put it together. Cutting on the table works pretty well for sheet goods and planks. Unsurprisingly, the table does not support smaller pieces of wood. So, I still have to resort to my old methods when cutting smaller stuff, but that's not really what the table is meant for and is not a big deal.


With the collection system I lose a few inches of travel

Gantry slab mill

Hi Jason, I just wanted to let you know that I set up my gantry system and it works very well. But I was wondering if you manufacturer an add on piece for the two cross rails that holds the route? I used it at its max limit of just over 2"s. but would like to do more thicker slabs. Do you produce any attachments to raise the router for that purpose.?

It is fine. But!

I bought the TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit because I have been using two B&D workmate 225 for years and typically use a hollow core door to span the 2 workmates. I had a piece of 3/4 plywood 2x4 and said "Hey why not try this. I got the TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit mounted it and then put a couple of 2x4's on the back of the plywood so I could clamp everything in one of the workmates. Everything works great and as advertised.

But I think the tracks are to loose. I feel they need to be a little more snug fit. Why? If I have a sheet of something on the setup and move it everything slides a bit making me readjust the slides. Could I solve this sure I guess I could put dimples in the slides to tighten things up a bit.

But this is the reason I give them a 4 and not a 5. Although many may like how loose the tracks are. IDK.

Thanks Brad

True trac 4ft.

Have been really enjoying the ease of breaking down sheet goods.
Would it be possible to design a base that would fit a Ryobi skil saw. They have a very small base plate.
Other than that i love it.
Thanks Jacob.

Bad ass!

Oh True Trac? Where have you been all my life? Quality product. Built very well. 1st project was a 42x96 black walnut table. 3.5 hp router with a 2 1/2" spoiler board bit

Trac saw

Just the best

The Milwaukee 3.5 is certainly the way to go. Bought the 2hp Dewalt and had to take it back. All is well.

True Trac

True Trac is better than my Delta platinum table saw for ripping sheet goods.
Very happy with it.

An excellent product!

I am very happy with this track system. It all works well. The setup was a little time-consuming because my Makita cordless saw has a webbed baseplate with few places to drill holes. That's not Truetrac's fault. I would also appreciate some better quality hardware (screws, etc.). The stuff in the kit is pretty crusty and cheap. Stainless would be awesome.

Once I had it mounted and aligned, I trimmed the chip strip as instructed and made a few test cuts. I'm pretty impressed by how quick and easy it is to position the track and make a cut. I bought the clamps just to be sure it wouldn't slide around, but it's fairly rare that I need them.

One of my first jobs was to cut a bunch of panels of red cedar plywood. It's expensive, it loves to chip out, and I needed very precise cuts. The Truetrac worked perfectly and it was quick! The cuts were totally sharp and square with no chips or tear out.

This system is a little expensive, but it is well worth it! I know I'd probably charge the same or more if I produced something similar.

This tool work great. I have flatten a dozen or so slabs so far and it work exactly like in the videos. Instructions where very easy to follow. I wouldn’t change a thing. Great tool.
Nick in Pa.

Great Product

Better than a table saw for breaking down large sheet goods. Accurate and straight.

48”x96” Threaded Cross Feed Slab Mill

For years I had a home made slab flattening mill. It worked but not great.
Some months back I purchased the True TracSaw 96” slab flattening mill.
It’s built very well. I’ve flattened 2 slabs and have 2 more to go. I’ve also used it to cut in the slots for the steel inserts.
I’m very impressed with the quality and precision of this mill.
I love it and would buy it again in a minute.

It's amazing

Definitely 5 stars

RGS - 48” x 96” Threaded Cross Feed Slab Mill

True Trac Pro series kit

I’m impressed with the quality and simple design that makes any job I have of making a straight cut easy and professional!
I would also like to give two thumbs up for Jacob and his customer service! I messed up two of the dust catchers trying a 45 angle cut. Jacob replaced them immediately free of charge! Thanks Jacob!😀

dust collector

I love it but I think it should come with 2 sets of brushes other than that I love it

Hi David,

We have 1” and 3” brushes available, but found the 2” to be more of an all-around useful length. Which do you think would be a good addition, the longer or shorter option?

Thank you!

Speed up your break downs...

After 7 yrs...2 garages [renting] and having this tool in storage...I finally have my own property. My Shop. Still a beginner but all those "Ahh-ha" moments are coming back. What a great feeling. Purchased these 1 yr ago and have just now built 2 cabinets. Great for break-downs and odd corners. The clamps were a long awaited welcome to my Shop. All the other tools gave it a putting it to work....What fun we had...
Great tool addition... keep up the good work.