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We're a family owned & operated company that manufactures and markets a universal guide rail system for handheld circular saws and routers, allowing for easy and precise straight line cutting.

 An Amazing Tool To Start With, An Awesome System To Grow With

 Need an easy way to handle full plywood sheets or accurately trim dimensional lumber?

Perhaps you need to straight line rip a piece of 10ft live edge, reclaimed, or rough-sawn lumber that doesn't have a straight edge.

How about plate steel or aluminum? Corrugated metal roofing/siding?

Granite, concrete, or other solid-top counter top materials?

Simply pick the track saw system that fits your project needs, add in the right kind of saw, and go make your cuts!

With an uncompromising entry-level E-Series track for tackling the majority of your 4ft or less plywood or sheet-based projects, or a time-tested modular Pro-Series track that can accurately handle cuts over 20ft in length, the TrueTrac Circular Saw Guide System is aimed at giving you the ability to knock out whatever type of projects are on your list.

Projects change down the road? Simply add accessories for track saw routers, longer cuts, or larger saws!

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