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I’ve assembled everything, but haven’t had time to actually use it yet. What a great idea in its design. I can’t wait!!!

saw guide

I have a pretty well equipped shop but I have used the saw guidecut to cut pieces to heavy or aukward to lift or place on the table saw or radial arm saw

TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit

I work with mostly reclaimed lumber, which is seldom straight. This trac system is the perfect tool for getting my lumber straight and ready for assembly. I highly recommend this product!

Straight and True

Used the 12' track to cut my slab for my new kitchen island. Perfect!

Awesome for even large slabs!

My most recent project included 3ea. 10 quarter 10' x 17" black walnut slabs. We chose the TrueTrac system because my jointer and planer couldn't handle the length and width of the boards. The slab mill was an excellent alternative. The mill along with the Milwaukee 5625-20 did a great job. Once we got everything shimmed properly the mill and router did and excellent job. The Amana RC-2263 router bit performed flawlessly.

Joe's TrueTrac Slab Mill

One of the best decisions I ever made, was to purchase the TrueTrac and dust attachment. Very beneficial in taking your woodworking skills to the next level. Very satisfied with the quality and pricing. worth every penny. Jacob and his team were very easy to work with and instructions were very easy to follow. The only suggestion I would make, is for them to provide a single blank router plate with 3 holes, one in center and two outers to hold the plate when drilling to mount a router that doesn't meet their predrilled plates. Would definitely recommend this product to others.

Joe Peduzzi Camp Hill Pa..

Well Made Clamps

I use the true trac to cut decking on composite decks for my picture frame. These clamp bolts just fit down between the boards allowing me to clamp the track down to the deck.

Excellent Storage back

I love this bag, it keeps all of the true trac parts together. The only down side is that this bag does not fit the circular saw base plate into the storage bag complete. It will not zip up with the plate in the storage bag. Really wish it fit in. The bag is very well made and looks like it will last well.

Hi Andrew!

The storage case wasn't designed to hold the track sections -and- the adapter plate, as the adapter plate that goes onto the circular saw is really meant to be left on the saw once it's been adapted. Removing and reinstalling the base plate is not recommended as when reinstalled it's very easy to introduce variations. Doing so usually leads to your line of cut changing versus the first time you use the system and trim the anti-chip strips.

Thank you!

Have not had a chance to use it but will reply when I do

I should've gotten this years ago

I had some questions on getting the adapter onto my baseplate on a Friday evening, and Jacob responded almost immediately. I was shocked and didn't think I'd hear anything until Monday afternoon. The dedication to customers is unreal.

As for the track kit, I should've gotten one years ago. Cuts are much faster, easier, and more accurate. I work out of my garage, and this is way better than hauling out a table saw and struggling with sheet goods. I absolutely recommend it.

The clamps are OK for occasional use. But I manufacture custom plywood and with daily use the brass insert in the plastic handle straps. I should have bought the toggle clamps to begin with.

All good

TrueTrac Pro-Series 4' Starter Kit

Love my new gantry

Easy set up and up and running in less than an hour once my table was built! First slab was a true success and everyone there after! Love that I don’t need to reach out over the slab anymore, so the crank is a must! Very well made and customer service goes above and beyond even checked in with me a few weeks later to check in! And I got nothing for this review solely my decision and my opinion! Money well spent.

Trutrack is not tru anymore

I have own the trutrack now for over 2 year and last night i went to make a cut wish i did and found out i was about a 1/16 off for some reason the white strip shrunk for 2 yeas the saw cut right on my line with no issue. What happend i take care my tools end my trutrack looks like i just pull it out of the box

Hi Luis,

The white edge strips are made from polyvinyl, the same blend as used in window frames. It's very unlikely that the strip changed dimensions and shrank.

The most common cause for misalignment between your saw's blade and where the strip is at is due to changing the blade of the saw from a thicker kerf to a thin kerf blade after the strip has been trimmed.

Alternatively, if your blade hasn't been changed, set the saw on the track with it unplugged and raise/lower the saw to different cutting depths. If the quadrant that controls the depth of cut on your saw has gotten bent it will pull or push the rear of the saw blade in or out relative to the track itself. For example at full depth of cut it may pull the blade inward, and then on thinner material when your saw isn't cutting as deep there may be a gap between the blade and the white anti-chip strip along the track.

The AC Strips are a wear item and will need to be replaced after roughly 2 years of consistent use. They are available individually by lengths of 24, 48, or 57 inches and range from $6 - $14.25 currently.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help out with!

Expandable Table Kit is a Very Useful Tool!

Got the TrueTrac Expandable Table and was surprised how useful it is. It makes working with large plywood pieces so much easier. On this project I used it with the True Trac tracksaw, a jig saw, and also a router. Although its portable and easy to store and set-up, I'll probably leave it up since its so handy. Really glad I got it.

The system is working as advertised. Very pleased with my purchase.

Happy, but could be better

Received quick and painless delivery, came packaged well. Instructions were good. Found 4 issues that a highly engineered product like this should have addressed. First, the levels, one fell out and the other wasn’t set into the block flat and thus gave bad leveling info. Second, the 8 ft long section does have a good bit of flex, I found adding supports every 2 feet was sufficient, but every 4 feet would deflect too far for my liking. Third, the threaded rod option, dust collects and compacts in the channel and when not using the threaded rod dust gets into the threaded brass inserts, plugging them up and making them useless. I had to dig them out with dental tools and the hole doesn’t go deep enough to clean them with a tap. I now keep the screws in the holes to stop dust accumulating and have an air compressor nearby to blow out the channel every couple of passes. Fourth, the delrin end caps that hold the rails down to the support frame are very thin. My initial plan was to take them on and off to add/subtract height for working on thick material, if they were more substantial this could have worked but they are too thin and there isn’t room to use bolts, instead I used screws and the screw stretched out the hole when tightening it down (not very tight either). Otherwise, works as intended and happy with my purchase, the precision the threaded rod adds is great for my application.


I bought this to make a cut on a butcher block counter top. It worked great for that but beats my table saw for sheet goods (I bought the extension kit later) and it was a real life saver when I had to make a notch in some wainscoting. The cut would be visible so it needed to be precise. Very pleased with the product and has made me a better contractor.

Square Pkg #1
Josh Bare
Simple Straight Forward Well Designed

To sum up the tile it’s just easy to use. The Datto jig works awesome as well and I can’t to get my new shop built and purchase the slab flattening device. Good quality stuff

It helps

Having had the gantry system for a while I've enjoyed how great it works. The one issue was the amount of dust all over the place, including back in my face. Adding the dust collection shroud seemed a no brainer. It does keep the dust down in the shop and it stops the dust from coming back in my face. However, I mostly work with thinner pieces of material (1 or 2 feet wide by up to 8 feet long) the shroud itself has a wide footprint, most of the time one end or the other is not over the material and most of the larger dust shoots out any opening left available. Overall, the recovery of material is low, probably under 20%, but it does keep the smaller particles from traveling all over the shop and deflects most material down and away. Also as mentioned by others, you lose a few inches of travel on either end.

Hi David!

If the brushes are not in contact with a surface of some type there’s virtually no way to control the dust, so I’m not surprised that it doesn’t collect well on narrow boards. It’s effectively trying to pull a vacuum in a completely open environment.

When running narrow stock that doesn’t allow for a good seal between the material and shroud brushes you can place a thin sheet of plywood or similar material under the stock being planed so that the brushes aren’t hanging out over open air to allow a proper vacuum to form. With a decent seal you should be getting 90%+ collection with a dust collector pulling at least 800CFM. A shopvac or small collector won’t move enough volume.

We also have 3 inch long strip brushes available if the standard 2 inch brushes aren’t long enough.

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!


Gantry system with dust collection

My system works great. Alot of dust falls due to dust collector hangs over the edge but if you put boards next to it near same hight when it's cutting near the edge you will collect Alot more dust. This was a great purchase.

Awesome piece of equipment love the simplicity

Exactly what I was looking for!

I've tried several circular saw track kits. The TruTrac system is the only one that I can say is a good replacement to a dedicated track saw. It's easy to use and very well made.