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TrueTrac makes cutting perfectly straight lines as easy as drawing them.
Cut Straight Lines Better Than Pros

As much as we'd like to say, "If you can draw it, you can make it," that's rarely the case for most of us.

That's where TrueTrac comes into play.

If you can make two marks and line the track up to those marks, you're guaranteed a perfectly straight cut.

Simple as that!


“I broke down a full sheet of plywood and checked every cut with a Starrett tape measure and a framing square and every one was perfect...”
M. Cess

Sets Up in Less Than a Minute to Make Smooth, Accurate Cuts

Loved by professional woodworkers, handymen, contractors, sign-writers, DIYers and hobbyists alike. The TrueTrac Pro-Series lets you use your circular saw to make perfectly straight cuts.

Whether you’re cutting straight or at 45 degrees, cut through wood, PVC. plastic, acrylic, plexiglass or aluminium in a straight line precisely where you place the track.

Not only is it faster to setup without the need for offset measurements like an edge guide, but the cut quality is insanely good.


“I bought the 8' Pro-Series Combo at a Woodworking Show in 2012 when it was a brand new product...I use it to not only cut sheet goods but it works amazingly well at making off square cuts or ripping trim and other boards encountered in remodeling old houses...Thanks for making a great product! See you at next year's woodworkers show!”

Christopher M.

Your new go-to tool sets up in less than minute and stores away neatly when you're not using it.
No more annoying mistakes with 100% accurate cuts and less wastage.
Say Goodbye to Expensive Mistakes & Material Wastage

With the TrueTrac Track Saw System, your scrap or burn pile will be dramatically reduced when you start making smooth straight cuts every time.

With lumber prices going through the roof, mistakes and poor cuts can get pricey.

Not only that, but you'll waste less time and get more life out of your blades too, saving you even more!


“This is a must have for straight, long, accurate cuts. I couldn’t have completed my project without this. It is actually fun to use vs the frustration not not using the correct tool. Great when a table saw just won’t cut it. Pun intended.”
Brandy D.


I do handyman and construction work and purchased this about 4 years ago. This tool saves me a ton of time and has made me a lot of money. I no longer need to carry a table saw from job to job. Its super accurate, easy to use, and reliable. Wish I had this tool 20 years ago. Any home owner who does repairs around the house should own one of these and certainly every contractor should have one. I've made cuts with this tool that are nearly impossible to do with other tools. Best money I ever spent on a tool,worth every penny. In addition, the family that invented and sell this tool are the nicest people to deal with.

William W. 3/14/2020

Cutting large sheets on a table saw is often dangerous. TrueTrac makes it effortlessly safe.

Your days of awkward handling of 4' x 8' sheets of 3/4" plywood on a table saw by yourself are over. With TrueTrac you can safely and effectively rip down 4 x 8's without the back-breaking hassle of trying to feed sheets into a table saw.

Plus, you’ll no longer need your wife (or anyone else) to hold the material steady. No more bickering or paying someone else to stand and watch you work.


“After my wife got tired of me constantly asking her to “catch” a long piece of wood being ripped on the table saw, I finally decided to try a track saw. Wish i had done it years ago.”

Gerald S.

Need Perfectly Straight Lines On Live Or Rough Sawn?

Your saw rides on top of the track, not next to it - This allows the track to control the saw and creates a straight line cut regardless of what the edge of the board looks like!


“I bought a bunch of rough sawn lumber and instead of attempting to use jointer to put a straight edge on each piece, I used your track system to accomplish the task. This actually had several benefits.

The track method saved an enormous amount of time...It minimized the wood lost in the process of placing a single straight edge on each piece...The edge of the cut was as smooth as you would expect coming out of the jointer milling process.

I highly recommend this tool for all wood workers.”

Floyd M.

Ever try hanging one of these up on the wall when you're done using it?

If you're looking for a way to make perfectly straight cuts without having to shell-out $500+ for a table saw, then the TrueTrac is your new go-to tool.

Not only is it significantly cheaper than a table saw, it takes up less space in your workshop/garage and can be neatly stored away when not in use.

Add the optional carry case for storage or for easy transport to site.


“I was struggling to cut a 4x8 sheet of plywood on a Shopsmith table saw. I decided the next time I had to cut a 4x8 anything I was buying a Track Saw. The TrueTrac system has been great. As a homeowner, I have only used it a few times, but it is worth it's weight in gold (figuratively speaking).”

Les McKay


If you've ever driven through Ohio you might think there's not much other than fields of corn or soybeans, but we've managed to source every part of the TrueTrac system right here in Ohio.

As a family owned business we firmly believe in good ol' fashioned customer service and quality products. That's why we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. (See details).


“I think what amazes me is you just lay the sheet down and cut it, no fence no miter gauge, just a tape measure and pencil.”

Tom M.

With the saw riding -on top- of the track, it maintains full control during the entire cut

If the material isn't as wide as the track itself, you can easily stabilize the opposite side of the track with a piece the same thickness.

Perfect for cutting custom scribe lines for face frames or cabinet filler strips.

As a bonus, cutting material with an uneven surface is simple and stress free. Everything from corrugated metal roofing to an uneven rough sawn board.


Use any circular saw with a 6-1/2 inch to 8-1/4 inch blade diameter with our Standard Universal Saw Adapter Plate to easily turn your handheld circular saw into a track saw system.

Need to true up large slabs, table glue-ups, butcher block countertops, or other thick materials? Upgrade to the 10-1/4 inch Universal Saw Adapter Plate and handle materials up to 3 inches thick!

Corded, cordless, left or right bladed, direct or worm drive...simply pick your favorite color!

Not only is it faster to setup without the need for offset measurements but the cut quality is insanely good. I cannot see the saw marks. Anytime I want a perfectly straight cut. Sets up in less than a minute and does the job. Stores out of the way when not in use. Use it all the time."

Marc. April 21, 2022

90 Day Returns

If you don't love your TrueTrac product or you've ordered the wrong thing, simply let us know, send it back within 90-days and we'll give you a replacement or prompt refund. No questions asked.


Our precision made tools, kits and systems are designed to give you Clean Consistent Cuts every time whether you're ripping plywood sheets or flattening rough cut lumber slabs. If they ever let you down because of an equipment failure on our part, just let us know and we'll bend over backwards to make things right.


We stand behind our products and want you to use them to make beautiful, heirloom pieces for years to come. If something breaks, we'll send a replacement straight away.


Got a question? Speak to one of our woodworking experts anytime between 9-6 Eastern and ask us anything about our products, how to set them up or how to get the best out of them.

Precision Made by Patriots

We're proud to be American. Our family-owned production facility is located in Southern Ohio. We source all our materials and components from Ohio too.