Who is Levi Hollow Tools?

Levi Hollow Tools, LLC is a family run manufacturing, sales, and marketing company started in 2009 by Richard Rhodes and currently owned and operated by his son Jacob Rhodes, located in southern Ohio.

The blurb always shared with strangers is that it's an hour and a half east of Cincinnati, "because there's nothing big enough in that area that someone not familiar with that area would recognize." The family owns a sizable farm, and in the past has grown commercial produce and sold primarily to local businesses, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Richard has been around and involved in the Woodworking industry for the past 35+ years, in roles ranging from a direct sales rep to a national sales manager. He also plays Santa at the local preschool every winter.

His wife Darlene helps coordinate the shipping and packaging of everything that goes out the door of the shop, where every packaging bench and table is made out of unfinished plywood and 2x4's, with a heat shrink machine tucked in the back and more cardboard boxes than you can imagine. She also helps as Mrs. Claus, and is responsible for the creation of both costumes, sewing them as a surprise.

His youngest son Jacob designed and is in charge of updating this website, as well as the online mailing list - If you've gotten a flier from the house email marketing list, he put it together. He also designed the TrueTrac Saw logo, is featured as the model in the introductory video, and is the amateur cinematographer behind the "How-To" videos on our site. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been full time with the company since November of 2016.

All in all, we hope any business that we conduct with you is a pleasurable experience - We promise to do everything we possibly can to make sure you're happy with our guide rail systems and other products.