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12ft Holiday Bundle #1

12ft Holiday Bundle #1

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Sometimes, you want to cut a really long board.

Other times, you just want to cut a really long board straight.

Easily straight line rip live edge, rough sawn, or reclaimed lumber and hold out on buying the edger attachment for your saw mill. This track saw guide rail package takes up a lot less room and has a much wider range of usefulness.

You can handle up to a 3 inch thick slab with a 10-1/4" diameter saw, which we just happen to have an adapter plate for! Just email or call us with your order number and we can upgrade to the larger plate for $20. Saves us having to create a new product specifically for that variation.


Bundle Includes:

  • One (1) 57 inch track
  • One (2) 48 inch tracks
  • One (1) 24 inch track
  • Eight (8) Appropriate Length Anti-chip Strips, installed on tracks
  • One (1) Universal Saw Adapter Plate
  • Six (6) Self-aligning Dovetail Connectors (set screws installed)
  • One (1) Set-up Block
  • One (1) Hardware Packet (6 bolts, 6 nuts, 1 L-shaped hex wrench)
  • One (1) Zero Clearance Block (with mounting brass inserts & bolts)
  • Full color hard copy of installation instructions.