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4ft Holiday Bundle #2

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This bundled offering contains our 4ft Starter Kit, one 2ft Extension Kit, and the Expandable Track Table Kit.

With our Expandable Track Table Kit, easily and safely support and control full sized sheets of plywood by yourself, while using the total 6ft cutting capacity to cross-cut plywood sheets down to size!

You can also utilize the shorter circular saw guide rail track section by itself for squaring off or cross-cutting shorter dimensional lumber, shelving, or planks.

Bundle Includes:

  • One (1) 57 inch track
  • One (1) 24 inch track
  • Four (4) Appropriate Length Anti-chip Strips, installed on tracks
  • One (1) Universal Saw Adapter Plate
  • Two (2) Self-aligning Dovetail Connectors (set screws installed)
  • One (1) Set-up Block
  • One (1) Hardware Packet (6 bolts, 6 nuts, 1 L-shaped hex wrench)
  • One (1) Zero Clearance Block (with mounting brass inserts & bolts)
  • One (1) Expandable Track Table Kit (extrusions, mounting hardware, instructions)
  • Full color hard copy of installation instructions.