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9-inch Right Angle Clamps

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These Right Angle Clamps are the perfect solution to making 90 degree pocket hole joints! With a swivel pad on one arm and a pin designed to fit inside the pocket hole bore on the other, this clamp is easy to use and provides a solid grip on your project!

Generally these are used in pairs - Drive a screw closest to the pocket hole you are using the clamp in and work your way down your project repeating the process. This clamp also has a rubberized release lever for quick disengagement.

  • A great clamp for holding pocket hole joints at 90 degrees
  • Compatible with 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inch construction
  • Pin fits securely in drilled pocket hole for secure clamping
  • Swivel pad allows a firm clamp on mating work piece
  • Compact size for easier use and maneuvering