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TrueTrac Carrying & Storage Case

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If you're looking for a perfect way to store or move your TrueTrac Saw system easily, this custom carrying case is the way to go!

We manufacture this track saw guide rail case 100% in-house with two layers of 600 Denier PVC backed fabric, similar to suitcase material, sandwiching 1/4" thickness pleated foam for all-round protection. The interior has footer-style pockets to slide the track into along with hook-and-loop straps to hold the tracks in place.

The front embroidered pocket is 30 inches in length and can hold the 24 inch Cross-Cut track or other accessory items, except the Dado Jig due to the alignment tab that sticks out. Case also includes an adjustable shoulder strap, main carrying handle, #8 YKK zipper, and metal hardware.

The TrueTrac storage case is capable of storing up to 4 pieces of track when closed - For example, the 12ft kit (one 57", two 48" tracks) in the main compartment along with the 2ft Cross-Cut in the front pocket, or four full length tracks in the main compartment.

We manufacture 2-3 TrueTrac Saw guide rail cases per day, so if there is a back-order status please be aware that it may take a while to receive the case - Feel free to email or call to check if we have some on the shelf!

Customer Reviews

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A Great Trac Saw System!

I had never owned a trac saw but had read enough to know they were considered a great addition, particularly for sheet goods break down. It sounded like a great idea, especially given that I have lower back issues and a surgery once already and have to be careful about how much weight I maneuver around. And sometimes, it's not the sheer weight so much as it is the awkwardness-- like trying to handle 4'x8' sheets of 3/4" plywood on a table saw myself. I recently completed the construction of a new work shop, 30'x30' and decided it was time to take the plunge, but spending so much money for a limited use tool seemed like a bad idea. I'd heard about True-Trac and decided to give them a try. I have found it to be an absolute game changer, increasing speed and safety as well as accuracy and ease. The set-up was easy, although it would have been easier if I'd read the instructions all the way through first. In any case, I highly recommend True-Trac. They also seem to be great people to work with, which is a sweet bonus. The shop cabinets you see in the photo were built with the TrueTrac, and it got done in about 35% less time than similar work done in the past without the True-Trac.

True Trac Carrying and Storage Case

The True Trac carrying case is a sturdy very well-made padded case. It easily holds my 24”, 48” and 57”, tracks, some extra anti-chip strips and toggle clamps. I ordered the case on a Monday and received it on Thursday. This case makes transporting the True Trac system so much easier I only wish I had seen it sooner. I highly recommend this case.

True Trac Carry Case

I received my carry case sooner than expected and it has made my life so much easier to transport the tracks including the 2 foot unit. I frequently travel to my rental homes to do upgrades and I no longer have to worry about damaging the tracks or have them sliding around. I feel like a professional "do it your selfer" now. My contractor friends tell me that for a "do it your selfer" I have better equipment than they do. I tell them that with the TrueTrac system there is no better way to go.


Jacob's great, any problem he gives you the benefit of the doubt. Great customer serves.

Decent bag

Bought the Makita bag a couple years ago to hold my TrueTrac track, before the TT bags came out. Although a bit less thick (material & padding), I would still recommend the TrueTrac bag for its capacity. It holds my 57”, 48” and 24” track in their own dedicated spaces. Also like the fact that they manufacture the TT bags in house!