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Dado Pkg #1

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This dado jig kit is great for shorter dadoes up to 16 inches in length!

If you've already got the TrueTrac Saw System the 24 inch track can be used as a crosscut track as well. We also sell an individual dado/router jig.


  • 1 - 24 inch TrueTrac Guide Rail
  • 1 - TrueTrac Dado Jig
  • 1 - Hardware packet (bushing, 1/4 & 3/8 measurement block)

Customer Reviews

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Darrell Spieckermann
Worked Perfectly for my Project

Started building a cabinet with Dado shelves So when i saw how ease the set up was with this jig , It was a no Brainer.
And it worked great for multiple dadoes Happy with purchasing it.

Gerard and Rae Miller
Dado jig

Set it up but haven’t used it yet . Quality item

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You guys did a great job getting the sled to me but I have not had a chance to put it together . Will get into it this winter. Thank you ever so much. Bill

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Brett Laitila / Arbor Custom Kilns
Great system great customer service and follow up

Went with the TrueTrac system be ause it looks heavier duty and ready to conquer the 5ft 12+ft slab we are going ro throw at it. Small/hometown build and all made in the USA... I will recommend to anyone that lays eyes on this rig!!

Tru Trac Router Gantry System - Excellent Product!

My wife makes charcuterie boards with old wood and wood / epoxy. She has a planer, but it doesn't always fit the bill for flattening - some of her pieces are pretty twisted initially. Building jigs and anchoring pieces to flatted with a router was time and material consuming. This product is her new go-to. The set it up on a table, built a couple of low-profile frames inside it to wedge in a couple fairly standard sizes, then went to work. The speed of changing out work pieces is down to seconds and the gantry slides are smooth. She loves it and it's cut down on time and material usage exponentially! Great product - highly recommended!