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TrueTrac Dust Collection Nozzle

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The TrueTrac Saw Dust Collection Nozzle may be purchased in two ways:

  • Bare Tool: Includes the DCN, 60 Degree Elbow, mounting hardware, installation/saw plate adaption instructions.
    • This allows you to adapt an existing Saw Adapter Plate for the DCN with the use of a router table with an indexable fence system.
    • All new systems purchased after Jan 2019 already have adapter plates machined to accept the bare DCN.
  • DCN w/ Updated Plate: Includes an updated Saw Adapter Plate, new mounting hardware/set-up items, along with the DCN, 60 Degree Elbow, and brass inserts.
    • This is a reduced price kit aimed at owners that would like to include dust collection with their system, but may not have access to a router table to easily adapt their existing saw plate.
    • This option is for updating older systems purchased prior to Jan 2019.


With the TrueTrac Dust Collection Nozzle you can add dust collection to any circular saw used with the TrueTrac Pro-Series System!

The circular saw Dust Collection Nozzle (DCN) is designed to fit under the Universal Saw Adapter Plate for the Pro-Series systems and mounts directly to the Adapter Plate with included brass inserts and pan head bolts.

The DCN and 60 Degree Elbow both accept standard 1.25" OD vacuum hoses.

The Saw Adapter Plate has a locating slot and two holes pre-drilled to locate the DCN and allow the brass inserts to be pressed in. The plates have a slot and pair of holes at each end of the plate to facilitate use with left or right bladed saws.

The blade of your saw will be plunged into the DCN in the same manner as the Zero Clearance Block. This provides both anti-chip on the outside of your saw blade, like the ZCB, and also encapsulates the origin point of the majority of your saw dust allowing for more efficient dust collection.


    Customer Reviews

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    Russell McNulty
    Dust Collector

    Does it make a difference on how far the saw blade is forward into the zero clearance dust chute? I centered the sole plate of my Makita saw on your track guide so the sole is just over a inch back from the front of the guide. My saw curf is about 1 inch long on the top of the dust chute.


    Honestly, kind of - If the saw blade isn’t cutting into the nozzle it won’t be as effective, as the concept is trying to keep the dust creation point inside the actual vacuum nozzle itself so all of the fine dust is extracted.

    That being said as long as the blade has cut into the nozzle it should function just fine!

    John Urchek III
    Definitely makes a difference

    I have used my True Trac a few times now and really do like the system. I added tge dust collection port which was easy to install. It makes a noticeable difference in the amount of dust generated.

    Rick Clark
    Good product

    Less clean up is always a plus. It's not perfect but definitely a lot less sawdust to clean up.

    Bryan Pryor
    Track saw dust collection

    This does collect some dust, but the bigger wood chips don’t get picked up. Better than nothing.

    Mark Taylor
    Great tool!

    My work has never been cleaner!

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    207 reviews
    well built

    Works great at refining rough cut lumber into flat and usable boards.

    Take caution on setup

    The first time I used the true track, it wasn't straight. Seem you need to double check with a long straight edge to make sure the two pieces are straight. Just butting up the joint doesn't guarantee a straight edge cut.

    Hi Larry!

    It’s exceedingly rare to have any misalignment issues when joining our tracks. Id say less than 1:100 units have an issue and it’s easily solved. Take a trusted 90 degree square and see if the cross cut on the aluminum track itself is off on one of the tracks.

    If it’s hard to tell an alternative method to check is to leave a business card gap between the tracks rather than butting them tightly together. If this provides an automatic straight joint with no fiddling, one of the faces is not exactly 90 degrees. If you can pin it down to an extrusion we’ll replace it for free!

    If the two faces are pressed tightly together and both are not exactly 90 degrees then they will override the dovetail connectors and misalignment is the result.

    Thank you for the honest feedback and I wish you would have reached out as soon as the issue came up so we could resolve it!

    Excellent product

    Have a lot of slabs to flatten and decided I needed a good way. Did a bunch of research and decided on the Truetrack system. Built the frame and mounted the rails and went to work. I was really surprised at how easy it was with beautiful results.

    Fantastic system for transforming your circular saw!

    After installing the saw base on my DeWalt circular saw (along with a new blade), I have primarily used my TrueTrac for small projects so far. In fact, it is getting much more use than I expected! The main reason I purchased it was to rip long boards cleanly to build skin on frame canoes. I was hoping it would give better results and be less dangerous than using the table saw. This has exceeded my expectations--each cut is perfect! I purchased the 12ft kit as well as an additional 2ft section of track, and this is now my go to saw when I need precision.

    Thank you! Well worth every penny.

    Love my TrueTrac!

    Nothing to say. Exactly as advertised. Great customer service and follow up.