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TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit

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The perfect companion for small shops or workspaces, the TrueTrac Saw Expandable Track Table can expand from 2ft x 4ft to 4ft x 8ft to provide support for sheet goods.
Simply mount the extrusions to a 2ft x 4ft x 3/4in piece of plywood, and you now have a go-anywhere multi-purpose expandable work table useful for cutting, sanding, staining, or any other household task.
Multi-purpose table kit includes hardware and extrusions to create a 4’ x 2’ table that can extend to hold a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood.

Customer Reviews

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Recently purchased both the TrueTrac system and the expandable table kit. Both have met or exceeded expectations. I only wish I had purchased both systems earlier in my woodworking experience.

Aluminum Table Upgrade

I had the original vinyl tracks for my 2 x 4 project table and it worked great. The new aluminum upgrade is a must have. It works fantastic and I just wish I had upgraded sooner. I have now also upgraded to a Dewalt 20v 7 1/4" circular saw to become totally cordless and mobile with the table. Makes life so much easier than chasing the cord around the table.

This is a great product

I was a little skeptical but this table performs. It is def easy for one person to cut sheet goods. The second time I used it I went from storage to first cut in about 4 mins. Not bad. If you were thinking about this table, I'd recommend it.

Love the expandable table!

I can set the expandable table on my 2' X 4' mobile workbench and easily break down 4' X 8' sheets of plywood. Also anytime i want a perfectly straight cut. sets up in less than a minute and does the job. stores out of the way when not in use. use it all the time.

my review after 20 usages

not what I was looking for but improved the performance by adding material to
base --- helping the rigidity