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i2 XL Pocket Hole Jig

  • $ 8999

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Under the umbrella of making your handheld power tools more useful we now carry the Impakt line of pocket hole table saw jigs!

Where the i1 Pocket Hole Jig was taken back to the basics, the i2 XL was designed as a full-featured system with some innovative twists - All while maintaining the thought that functional design should be affordable.

The i2 XL features two patent-pending independent drill guide blocks. This is a pivotal feature as it allows you to both stagger the work piece thickness settings (useful for mitre joints) as well as vary the spacing between the drill blocks for wider or narrower boards.

On top of that you're able to completely remove the guide blocks for use on large projects by simply clamping the block in place with any available clamp. This is useful for assembling sizable projects made from plywood or applying pocket holes in unlikely places - Such as a floor joist on the underside of a squeaky floor board in your home!

The kit also includes a dust collection accessory, but the jig must be screwed or bolted to a work surface in order for it to work properly.

This pocket hole jig has been designed to join material from 1/2 inch thick up to 1-1/2 inches in increments of 1/8th inch. As the base was designed to be the same thickness as a standard 2x4, stabilizing extensions are easily added for longer projects such as table skirts!

This system includes everything you need - Including 50 screws to get you started right out of the box and a Face Clamp to properly align your project for joining!

Impakt Pocket Hole Jig Kit Includes:

  • One (1) i2 Pocket Hole Jig with integrated clamp
  • One (1) M2 steel 3/8th inch pilot drill bit
  • One (1) drill bit stop collar w/ set screw & L-wrench
  • One (1) 6 inch square head driver bit
  • One (1) 9 inch Face Clamp (clamping capacity of 2.75 inches)
  • One (1) Dust Collection Accessory
  • Fifty (50) 1.25 inch specialty screws to begin your first project
  • Detailed instruction and application guide

This track saw jig was designed and developed in the U.S. with final manufacturing happening overseas - however, the quality of this product is such that we have no reservations about its form and functionality. To be perfectly honest if we did it wouldn't be on our website, but we've tested and used it thoroughly and are pleased at its performance.