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TrueTrac Polyvinyl Table Kit

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The perfect companion to small workshops. With a collapsed footprint of 2ft x 4ft and able to be supported by saw horses, this polyvinyl power saw table kit was designed to expand up to 4ft x 8ft to hold an entire sheet of standard plywood. All support ribs are easily replaceable, giving a stable sacrificial work surface.


The TrueTrac Saw polyvinyl table kit consists of all extrusions and hardware, customer is responsible for wooden base and support ribs.


Customer Reviews

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Not aluminum

Bought this after watching Paul doing demo...what he used was aluminium..much to my surprise I recieved a poly ok...just not happy thought I was getting a metal product

Favorite TrueTrac accessory

Very helpful in small “shop” (small family garage). Also easy to setup in backyard. I use it with my old sawhorses. Not super smooth when sliding the support pieces, but then I don’t have to worry about one falling off. Gonna need a new plywood base as I used the 2’x4’ base as a deck for my son’s quarter pipe.

A very good addition to the shop

I bought one of these a few years ago to use both with my TrueTrac plus other stuff and have the vinyl rather than the aluminum extrusion version. I understand why they went to the aluminum extrusions as the vinyl tends to stick when extending and returning the arms to center. That being said this is an enormously useful addition to any shop, but particularly one where space is at a premium. I'd give it 5 stars except I suspect the aluminum extrusion version is better

A good compliment to the TrueTrac system

I bought this shortly after purchasing my TrueTrac and it works great. with no damage to stock at the end of the cut from the off fall and it's quick and easy to store when not in use. A great addition to any shop at a good price.