RGS - 55" Threaded Rod Kit (48 Inch Capacity)

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This kit allows the addition of a threaded rod to an existing 55 inch long Router Gantry System Rail Assembly - Effectively, for creating the threaded index control on a 4ft working area capacity "bridge" unit.

Includes the threaded rod itself, two permanently sealed press-fit bearings, and two Acme-threaded nuts already spaced and installed on the rod.

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Gary Miller
Aligning the rail

The track works great.
The only problem is where the two rails come together.
The slide works great up to there and then it drags a little.
After the slide passes that area it good again.
If I add a little oil in that area it's all good.
If that's the only problem I have, I'm good with it

Daniel Shuflin
Board Moving

How do you keep a large but lite weight board from moving. I came close to ruining $500 worth of Black Walnut

Wedge clamps, made from scrap lumber work the best.

Take a scrap 1x or plywood and cut it in half at a gentle angle, 3 to 8 inches long. Flip so the hypotenuses/angled faces touch one another.

Use another piece of scrap at one end to create a hard stop. Slide the project up against it. Place another “surface” board and attach to the support table surface (used a longer 1x4 scrap in this photo) and affix one side of a wedge you cut to the surface board.

Second half of the wedge gets tapped in lightly to apply pressure on the project.

*Emailed photos directly to customer to resolve issue, solved problem* - Jacob

Nigel Irons
Love my router sled!

My sled kit with the threaded rod insert has been amazing. I love how few moving parts there are, and how sturdy the rails are!

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Perfect cuts every time

It took me about an hour to set it up. I drilled the plate mounting holes from the bottom ,plate, side, seemed easier to me. I countersunk the mounting screws in the plate. I checked the plate to blade with the included jig and a small flashlight after every drill and screw. I broke down a full sheet of plywood and checked every cut with a Starrett tape measure and a framing square and everyone was perfect. I don't do much sheet goods, mostly hardwood, but this thing is excellent at sheet goods. I just lay the sheet on an old piece of 3/8 inch, support the overhang, make one small mark on each side of the sheet, set the track on the sheet on the marks, set the saw on the track and saw. I keep my left hand on the left side of the track just to know if the track shifts, it never does. I set the blade 1/16 lower than the thickness of the sheet. i think what amazes me is you just lay the sheet down and cut it, no fence no miter gauge, just a tape measure and pencil. 8 pieces all told.

Wish I Bought This SOONER

Such a great system. Really works great w my Triton and leaves the slab so much smoother than my previous set up. Greatly reduced my sanding times after flattening so I can get to the fun stuff! Great product and Jacob did a great job communicating during a supply chain issue. Higy recommend him and the product.

Nice and easy

This is a well made storage device and I can easily keep all the gear in the bag for easy transport.

Wonderful customer service

Thank you for the caring and good service, I have never been so impressed, with the good products and very good quality. Thank you again.

Cantilever clamps

Jacob, these clamps make using the track saw attachment a breeze. Use them on everything I build that has a straight side too it.