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Square Pkg #1

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This track saw kit includes a TrueTrac Simple Square kit and a 24 inch section of the TrueTrac Pro-Series track.

Please select which variant of the Simple Square track saw guide you require with the drop-down menu above - Looking from the rear of your saw, "Right-Blade" has the saw blade to the right side of the saw body, and "Left-Blade" has the blade to the left.

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Sandy Ross
simple square

By careful assembly, checking using an accurate right-angle, no further adjustments were required: the critical step was cross tightening the bolts in an iterative manner while the trac and handle were held clamped in position at 90 degrees. The bolts were a tight fit, but no adjustments of materials were required. Clamping during assembly avoided any play, and right-angle accuracy was preserved when the clamps were removed. An absolute delight to use.

Carl Foltz Jr
Simple Square kit

I ordered the Simple Square kit that contained a 24" section of track. Everything was delivered and it was well packaged. I followed the instructions and had a little trouble getting it square. I loosened all 8 bolts and seemed to have succeeded in achieving a good 90 degree position. But when I went to use the Simple Square to square up a new board, I found it was off again. I have a panel T square for a reference and it is accurate. So I followed the alignment directions again. I found that every time I tightened the shoulder bolts, the square would revert to its original position. I reamed out the 4 bolt holes in the handle to get some adjustment clearance. This time it squared up easily and stayed square after tightening the bolts. I have used it about 10 times since and so far it has remained accurate. I believe the shoulder bolt holes did not allow enough clearance for adjustment as they came from the factory. Reaming them ever so slightly has made the difference. I am pleased with the Simple Square and will use it whenever I need it. I will check it for accuracy before using but I am confident it will be fine.

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Cantilever clamps

Have used the cantilever clamps for two small projects. Making “bookends” as a gift and using the clamps made it possible to cut a 90degree angle at the end of a triangular shape without having to dismantle the project entirely.

Great addition

Needed a few inches more and this was the decision! Awesome product

Great system awesome customer service

I have had my slab mill for 6 months now and have put it to good use. I can honestly say it has exceeded all my expectations. If you are looking to mill out slabs in a timely fashion this is it. I Would recommend this system to anyone with a large twisted chunk of wood. That needs to be flattened. Also have to add that they have hands down the best customer service I have ever received. Very helpful and easy to reach. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next I will be first in line for it. Thanks for all your hard work creating this awesome slab mill I sure have in joyed using it.

An answer to my need to work on site.

Received my order promptly. A good, portable solution I have used almost daily. In shop and on site, it provides the versatility I was looking for. Their service is outstanding.

Only one issue

Only issue I have had is with the rubber handles on the router plate. They have both came off. Going to modify them with a through bolt to be more robust when lifting off sled