TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit

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ALL TRACK SAW KITS ARE NOW ON BACKORDER UNTIL WEEK OF 10/17/22 - Awaiting delivery of aluminum extrusions out of Cincinnati, OH
Need to easily handle longer straight line rips? This skill saw guide rail system includes everything you need to convert your circular saw into a track saw and rip 12ft lengths!
Features 153 inches of TrueTrac guide rail with a full 144 inch cutting capacity to easily break down over-sized sheet goods or preform straight line ripping or tapers on dimensional lumber, including rough sawn or reclaimed boards, up to 12' long.
12' Track Saw Kit Includes:
  • One (1) 57 inch track
  • Two (2) 48 inch tracks
  • Two (2) 57 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • Four (4) 48 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • One (1) Universal Saw Adapter Plate
  • One (1) Hardware packet (6 bolts, 6 nuts, L-shaped hex wrench)
  • One (1) Setup Jig
  • Four (4) dovetail connectors, with setscrews installed
  • One (1) Zero Clearance Block
  • Hard copy of installation instructions

A larger adapter plate is available for saw blades 10+ inches in diameter upon request for an additional $20.00 - Give TrueTrac Saw a call at (937)544-6855 and we'll take care of it!

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Dean Pavey

TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit

Charlie Spademan
I could kick myself for not buying this years ago

Like pretty much everybody else, I have used a straight-edge for years. I work in metal, and regularly need to cut steel sheet/plate. I have a current job that requires me to cut a lot of long strips in 1/4" plate. I have a 9" Steelmax saw specifically designed to do this, and the 7-1/4" setup pictured. It is important to have the blade absolutely parallel to the fence; neither of these saws has a baseplate that is aligned accurately with the blade. Mounting the saw on the TrueTrack baseplate allows me to properly align it, and almost doubles the life of my blades. I also ordered the cantilever clamps which make life so much easier, as I don't have to figure out how to clamp a straight-edge so that the c-clamps don't get in the way of the saw. Lastly, no more math figuring out how far to offset the straight-edge from the cut! just line up the Track with the cut line. I am using this setup without the zero clearance block, as the metal chips were too hot. They are not damaging the Track edge strip though.
Worth Every Damn Dime!

Jeffrey Sydow

TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit

chad kenyon
No regrets

Works perfectly. A huge help. Easy to use and accurate.

William Bates
TrueTrac system

I purchased the 12’ system because I could not get another track system that would fit my saws or one that was long enough. The adapter plates allowed me to use my existing saws and once I set them up, the track cuts perfectly straight every time. I use it on chainsaw milled slabs to cut them up into dimensional sizes for drying. The system is a lot faster to set up each time than the other systems I have tried as well, which saves me a lot of setup time.

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TrueTrac Cantilever Style Clamps

TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit

milling sled

You guys did a great job getting the sled to me but I have not had a chance to put it together . Will get into it this winter. Thank you ever so much. Bill

RGS - 48” x 96” Threaded Cross Feed Slab Mill
Brett Laitila / Arbor Custom Kilns
Great system great customer service and follow up

Went with the TrueTrac system be ause it looks heavier duty and ready to conquer the 5ft 12+ft slab we are going ro throw at it. Small/hometown build and all made in the USA... I will recommend to anyone that lays eyes on this rig!!

Tru Trac Router Gantry System - Excellent Product!

My wife makes charcuterie boards with old wood and wood / epoxy. She has a planer, but it doesn't always fit the bill for flattening - some of her pieces are pretty twisted initially. Building jigs and anchoring pieces to flatted with a router was time and material consuming. This product is her new go-to. The set it up on a table, built a couple of low-profile frames inside it to wedge in a couple fairly standard sizes, then went to work. The speed of changing out work pieces is down to seconds and the gantry slides are smooth. She loves it and it's cut down on time and material usage exponentially! Great product - highly recommended!