TrueTrac Pro-Series 8' Combo Kit

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8-foot track saw kit in stock and ready to ship!
Need to easily handle 4ft x 8ft sheets of plywood? This saw combo kit includes everything you need to convert your circular saw into a track saw and rip 8ft lengths!
Features 105 inches of the TrueTrac guide rail system with a full 96 inch cutting capacity to easily break down 4' x 8' sheet goods or perform straight line ripping or tapers on dimensional lumber up to 8' long.
8' Track Saw Combo Kit Includes:
  • One (1) 57 inch track
  • One (1) 48 inch track
  • Two (2) 57 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • Two (2) 48 inch length anti-chip strips, installed on track
  • One (1) Universal Saw Adapter Plate
  • One (1) Hardware packet (6 bolts, 6 nuts, L-shaped hex wrench)
  • One (1) Setup Jig
  • Two (2) dovetail connectors, with setscrews installed
  • One (1) Zero Clearance Block
  • Hard copy of installation instructions

We also offer a Pro-Series 12' Track Saw Kit.

Customer Reviews

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Works great

It works

It did what I needed done..
However I was surprised at the loss of depth of cut...

Amazing Product

I purchased the Pro-series primarily for some future plywood projects at my residence. However, I work with a group of retired guys that build a handicap ramp for someone in our county every Tuesday. Today was ramp #1265 since "Serving Our Savior" began around 1995. We often have some special size rip cuts and always plywood, So, for the past two weeks I have shared my toy. We have been cutting only with a circular saw--and you know what kind of cuts that produced! TrueTrac has increased our efficiency and saved us time. Today we needed a 2x4 ripped to 1 1/2" wide. Then, when trying to fit the piece I was quized if we could remove another 1/8". Everyone marvelled when I held up the 1/16" strip that I removed from the piece. I am often asked if someone needs to hold down the track. Again, they are impressed that it just stays right in place on its own. This is definitely a huge improvement in our weekly build and I look forward to showing it off each Tuesday.

I did build my own mobile saw table. It consists of two Stanley sawbucks that have an indention to accept a 2x4 on each side. I routed 4 dado slots 3/4" deep in the 2x4's, ripped some 1x4 stock in half and slip them into the slots. It's 6' long and the 1x4's are 4'. Holds a piece of plywood just fine and makes it much easier on my "poor back".

Thanks TrueTrac,

Bill Tutt
Winston-Salem, NC

Excellent product

These tracks have excellent fit and finish; very clever, cost effective solution to a common problem for those that want a track saw and don’t want to shell out $500+

Would absolutely recommend to anyone on the fence.

Best tool on my shop

This tool is absolutely best way I have to guarantee a clean straight cut in plywood. Thanks to your attention to production quality.