TrueTrac Toggle Clamps

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-- Sold By The Pair, Maximum 1" Mat'l Thickness --
The TrueTrac Toggle Clamps are designed to go on the underside of your TrueTrac guide rail system, and are available for use in situations where the non-skid material on the anti-chip edging is not enough to keep the guide rail secured to the workpiece.
We recommended these small toggle clamps for use when routing, cutting bowed or warped lumber, when cutting material with a slick surface finish, or when added confidence is needed with expensive materials.
Includes two adapted guide rail Toggle Clamps, pre-assembled and ready to go.

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What Handy Gadgets!

These clamps are amazing. Even tho the TrueTrac guides have grip to them, the boards we were using were somewhat warped, and it was great to be able to easily clamp the guide down to ensure that nothing slipped. They install and remove easily. Great product!

True Trac toggle clamps

I ordered a pair of the toggle clamps. The first time I used them I had a problem. The first clamp slid right into the slot in the underside of the track just as it was designed to do and clamped onto the support surface. That was really nice. When I went to slip the 2nd clamp into the slot, it only went half way in and would not budge. I pulled it out and tried again. Same problem. It would only go half way in. I used a little oil to make things slide better but no change. I repositioned the work and the track so I could use the clamp in this position and made the saw cut. When i had a chance I worked with the clamp more. By comparing it to the good clamp I noticed a physical difference between the two. The good clamp had a raised ridge all the way down the center of the black body piece. this ridge acted as a spacer to stand the clamp body away from the metal tongue and track, giving it clearance. The bad clamp did not have the ridge. There was no clearance between the clamp body and the tongue and track. Once I saw the problem, I disassembles the clamp, added 2 metal spacers between the clamp body and the metal tongue that slides into the track slot. This did the trick. The re-engineered clamp works just as well as the good clamp. It appears that there was a manufacturing defect in the bad clamp.

Toggle Clamps

Although the anti-slip strips work well, I wanted the extra clamping power of the clamps. The clamps are easy to use and move to different configurations of the True Trac System. On long 8’+ rips on expensive plywood, the extra assurance of the Trac not moving was worth the price of the clamps to me. You invested in the True Trac System, invest in the clamps and accurately rip your sheet goods for many years to come!

As Advertised

Had an opportunity to used my assemblies for the first time. Had to cut down some 1/4" Plexiglas sheets. From combining the straight edges for greater length to utilizing the track clamps....all performed as designed. I am very happy with my investment and look forward having the confidence in the product on future projects....bc

Almost useless

Max out at 5/8 - modify to 3/4

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TrueTrac Carrying & Storage Case is EXCELLENT

After finding the True Trac has become my go-to tool I decided to upgrade from the original cardboard packaging that I used for protection to the fancy black case. I cannot express how happy I am with all True Trac's products and customer service and have been driving my friends and co-workers crazy with my enthusiasm.

simple square

By careful assembly, checking using an accurate right-angle, no further adjustments were required: the critical step was cross tightening the bolts in an iterative manner while the trac and handle were held clamped in position at 90 degrees. The bolts were a tight fit, but no adjustments of materials were required. Clamping during assembly avoided any play, and right-angle accuracy was preserved when the clamps were removed. An absolute delight to use.

Plenty of good

Purchased track system as I did not want to buy another power tool (trac saw). Quality of product is very good. Assembly was easy to adapt to my saw and it produces easy straight cuts. Inserts do tend to slide out of track a little easier than I would like but it is just part of the learning process. I used the trac primarily reworking my deck and cutting boards in place. No the that this will change your depth of cut for the saw. Still able to cut 1.5”. Good straight lines, Excellent instructions, easy ordering and Jacob is quick to answer any questions. Thank you.



Good Investment

I bought the TrueTrac Pro after the one I made on my CNC machine failed. It's a good value, works as advertised, excellent company support and a good long term investment. Don't bother wasting your time making one.