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RGS - 22” x 48” Manual Feed Slab Mill

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Working Area Specification: 22" W x 48" L x 2-1/2" Thick (w/o shimming rails)

Total Travel, Spindle Center Line: 22" W, 50" L

Router Not Included

The TrueTrac Router Gantry System (RGS) is an easy and accurate way to simultaneously surface and flatten live edge slabs, epoxy tables or counter tops, bar surfaces, table glue-ups, and much more!

Our 100% custom American-made and purpose designed heavy-duty extrusions are expandable to virtually any width or length desired and will easily support your 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 HP router without bending, bowing, warping, or twisting during normal use.

All sliding components are 100% CNC machined from Acetal Copolymer, also referred to as Delrin, which is an engineered plastic specifically designed for sliding friction applications and holds machining tolerances wonderfully.

Simply stated, our system is professionally designed and purposefully built to give you years of trouble-free use and is fully backed by our lifetime money-back guarantee.

The RGS is available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit your project needs and is always able to be expanded later.

This system is a "Manual Feed" option, where the user directly pushes the router back/forth across and down the length of the slab.

The RGS in general is also available with a "Threaded Cross Feed" that allows the user to pin the RGS sled to a threaded rod and move the router across the width of the system by simply turning a hand-crank wheel.

RGS Adapter Plate comes pre-drilled for a variety of routers. Please see the list in the product photos. Blank plates with a 1/4" diameter hole pre-drilled in the center are available upon request via phone or email.


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joshua fink
Great buy

Very happy with it, worth the investment IMO. Well made, does what it's intended to do. Easy assembly and good instructions.

Andrew Rothwell
Great tool, even better time saver.

I bought this to help with flattening end grain cutting boards. I was using my drum sander prior to this and found that it was taking so much time to do it, also after the drum sander, I had to spend even more time with the Orbital sander to get it ready for finish. With this and a decent slab flattening bit I've cut my flattening time down a whole lot, and I can go pretty to 80 grit immediately. great time saver. I would recommend this definitely.

Brian Floyd
Massive timesaver

Can't say enough how much I love my Truetrac system. Was easy to assemble. I was up and running in 30 minutes and that includes building the support table. The instructions are clear and well written. I would advise using loctite on the bolts.

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289 reviews
I could kick myself for not buying this years ago

Like pretty much everybody else, I have used a straight-edge for years. I work in metal, and regularly need to cut steel sheet/plate. I have a current job that requires me to cut a lot of long strips in 1/4" plate. I have a 9" Steelmax saw specifically designed to do this, and the 7-1/4" setup pictured. It is important to have the blade absolutely parallel to the fence; neither of these saws has a baseplate that is aligned accurately with the blade. Mounting the saw on the TrueTrack baseplate allows me to properly align it, and almost doubles the life of my blades. I also ordered the cantilever clamps which make life so much easier, as I don't have to figure out how to clamp a straight-edge so that the c-clamps don't get in the way of the saw. Lastly, no more math figuring out how far to offset the straight-edge from the cut! just line up the Track with the cut line. I am using this setup without the zero clearance block, as the metal chips were too hot. They are not damaging the Track edge strip though.
Worth Every Damn Dime!

Thank you Jacob

I want to thank you for your follow through. I have not set this up yet but just purchased the 2x4’s to get it done this week. I am excited about getting this part of my work going. I will let you know more as I go. I really do appreciate the follow ups and back of your product

Why Did I Wait So Long?

Have been intrigued by track saws for a long time, but was always put off by the high price of systems like the Festool.

Building a new shop, and will be covering the walls with OSB, so decided to give it a go.

Purchased the 8' track kit, carry bag and toggle clamps. Installation of the saw base was very straightforward. Note: I had purchased a new cordless Dewalt saw when I ordered the track kit, but realized the smaller saw base would be a lot of trouble to get properly mounted (reinforcing pieces on magnesium saw base are too tightly spaced) when it came time to install it. Switched to a more traditional corded Dewalt saw with a flat aluminum base (highly recommended). Alignment jig was very helpful.

The printed manual is excellent ... very clear text and wonderful COLOR pictures. This, plus one of the helpful YouTube videos, made trimming the anti-chip strips simple.

The carry bag is very high quality ... highly recommended!

My first use was crosscutting OSB helping my son ... worked perfectly. Had not used a track saw before ... still amazed at how "grippy" the anti-chip strips are. Have not had an occasion to rip panels, but that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks. Purchased the toggle clamps figuring they would be helpful.

Can't believe how much time I saved over marking, calculating the saw base to blade offset, and clamping a straight edge. Also, the track saw makes it darn near impossible to screw up ... have clamped the straight edge on the wrong side more times than I would like to admit!

If you do any amount of breaking down panels, this is a no brainer.

Cantilever clamps

Have used the cantilever clamps for two small projects. Making “bookends” as a gift and using the clamps made it possible to cut a 90degree angle at the end of a triangular shape without having to dismantle the project entirely.

Great addition

Needed a few inches more and this was the decision! Awesome product