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Welcome to the home of the TrueTrac System!

It's our goal to bring you tools you can use to build your world with confidence.

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In the past we have found one of the most common questions that people have is simply...
What  is  a  TrueTrac  System?
Our Customers have found that the  TrueTrac  System consistently exceeds their expectations of quality, accuracy, ease of use, and overall versatility.

Quality and Accuracy

 The standards we hold our extruders to guarantees that every piece of track is flat, dimensionally accurate, and compatible with every other piece we produce - The newest run matches the initial test run, and we test every run before it leaves the shop to assure ourselves of that consistency.

Ease of Use

 When compared to guide clamps or shop made straight edges, the TrueTrac  is just plain easier to use. There are no offset measurements, no worries about drifting away from the guide, and no chip-out with our zero clearance anti-chip inserts.


 Your  TrueTrac  system makes breaking down sheetgoods a one person job, but it can also help you make cabinet filler strips, trim the bottom edge off of a door, finish off that last piece of hardwood flooring, or trim the edge off of a 20ft long granite counter top for a custom kitchen installation!
The TrueTrac combines a uniquely designed aluminum extrusion and a matching universal adapter plate that allows you to use any circulcar saw.
This design positions your saw on top of the track, not against it, and allows for zero play between the Adapter Plate and the track, giving you complete control of your saw.
The edge of the track features a polyvinyl strip, which you will trim with your first use, but from then on this will mark the exact cut position of your blade -- no offset measuring from the blade to saw base required!
The polyvinyl strip also provides zero clearance for a clean, chip-free cut, combined with a non-slip bottom surface to keep the track in place while you cut!
The unique design that is built into the TrueTrac guarantees an accurate and easy cut every time, and sets it apart from the competition.
Common TrueTrac Uses:
*Breakdown 4' x 8' sheet goods
*Crosscut single or multiple boards at one time
*Rip narrow boards (like with a table saw)
*Bevel the edges of sheet good or individual boards
*Shave thin strips off workpiece edges to produce boards of precise widths
*Cut tapered shapes for cabinet fillers and similar projects
*Straight edge rip of irregular edges

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