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Welcome to the home of the TrueTrac System!

It's our goal to bring you tools you can use to build your world with confidence.

We manufacture and market a universal guide system for handheld circular saws and routers, allowing for easy and precise straight line cutting.

Why is that important?

Rarely will you buy a tool simply just to have it - You buy a tool to use it.

Simply put you buy a tool because of what you can do with it - The ability to turn an idea into reality.

Wouldn't you agree that most of your projects need to start with a straight line?

On top of that, most households already own basic power tools such as a circular saw and drill.

Why not have an accessory that makes the tools you already own more useful?

TrueTrac utilizes a universal adapter plate in order to turn a normal circular saw into a track saw, meaning it doesn't matter if it's left-handed, right handed, battery powered, worm drive, or up to 8.25 inches in blade diameter - It'll fit on our track.


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System Comparisons:

What else is out there, what can I expect from those systems, and what makes TrueTrac unique?
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