TrueTrac Cantilever Style Clamps

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Please select "Pro-Series Adapted" for the Pro-Series style of track or "E-Series Adapted" for the E-Series style of track from the drop down above.

-- Both styles sold by the pair, Max 2" Mat'l Thickness --

These cantilever style clamps allow up to 2" of effective clamping and have been modified to work in either the Pro-Series circular saw guide system, utilizing a piece of a dovetail connector, or the E-Series track with the standard 1/4-20 threaded stud.

Includes two aluminum guide rail clamps with rubberized tips, 5-point knob with brass insert, and all required hardware.

How to tell the difference between E-Series and Pro-Series tracks:

Pro-Series: Has two anti-chip strips, one on each side. Top surface of the track has beveled rises. Two parallel grooves on the underside of the track are a dovetail, or "V" shape. Uses dovetail-style connectors to join multiple pieces of track together for longer cuts.

E-Series: One anti-chip strip along a single edge. One single piece of 57 inch track. Does not have beveled rises, has two rectangular rises. Two parallel grooves on the underside are "T" shaped, not dovetails. Does not extend more than 57 inches.

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Thomas Durr
Absolutely indispensable!

Recently purchased the Pro starter kit in order to make the tenons for breadboard ends on a 4’x6’ oak kitchen table. Plan was to make MANY straight cuts 3/8” deep across the table end…then chisel out waste, cut the haunched tenons, and plane to perfection.
The pair of cantilever clamps made this process incredibly easier. Made the first cut, then had to move the track in multiple stages toward the end edge using a gauge block to keep cuts parallel. A simple turn of each knob to loosen slightly, move the track, tighten knobs and ….magic….track is locked down and ready to make the next cut.
I know….folks say the track will stay in place nicely without clamping, but I sure appreciate knowing that the cut will be exactly where I want it….with these cantilever clamps. A definite BUY!!!!

steven Skipple

TrueTrac Cantilever Style Clamps

Howard Arch

Worked fine

Chuck in Valrico
Quick & Easy

Wanted a way to assure that the track didn’t move while cutting furniture grade plywood and these clamps really fill the bill. Quick and easy to use while being out of the way. Very secure. Highly recommend.

Great to have with TrueTrac but one draw back

This clamp is great to have with TrueTrac. The only draw back is if you also bought the simple square. If there was only a way to use it with the square on the square side of the track. You can use it on the opposite end which helps too. If I wasn't using the square as much as I do, these clamps would be a must have.

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Great milling table

Using this table has been amazingly easy. Instructions provided are clear and unambiguous, and the individual parts fit very well together. Prompt delivery is a bonus.

Wish I'd gotten this years ago

I have cut sheet goods every sloppy, haphazard, and dangerous way there is. Those days are in my past. I will no longer dread breaking down a full 4x8 sheet. I will no longer struggle with laying out or guiding my cut. This is the best money I've spent in a long time.

Directions are perfectly clear, and even written with some personality. And made in the U.S.A.! What's not to like?

Straight Line Ripping Rough Lumber

I bought a bunch of rough sawn lumber and instead of attempting to use jointer to put a straight edge on each piece, I used your track system to accomplish the task. This actually had several benefits.

1. The track method saved an enormous amount of time.
2. It minimized the wood lost in the process of placing a single straight edge on each piece. I simply placed the tack down on each piece of rough sawn lumber and clamped it down after adjusting so the cut would remove the minimal amount of wood over the entire length of the piece.
3. The edge of the cut was smooth (no saw marks) and straighter than could be accomplished over the shorter horizontal surface area of the jointer table.
4. The cut edge was as smooth as you would expect coming out of the jointer milling process.

I highly recommend this tool for all wood workers.

Great System

Really impressed with the quality and ease of use/functionality. Need to build out the garage shop and until I have the some of the equipment installed, I need to use all portable equipment. The truetrac system is easy and accurate. Great purchase. I think i will add a couple of more pieces.

Worked great for ripping some 4x8 siding panels

I had to cut down some 4x8 siding panels and using the extension along with my existing 24" Pro-Series track worked great! Made nice straight cuts and was much faster than trying to cut it free-hand. Well worth the money.